ZIP sheathing systems are becoming more popular among custom home builders in Canyon Lake, TX and throughout the nation. This one-of-a-kind structural roof and wall system features a built-in barrier that is highly energy efficient and manages to keep out moisture while also reducing air leakage. It provides all of these benefits while still allowing the panels in the walls to properly dry out.

The system is installed in a simple two-step process: first install the panels, then tape the seams. It’s that easy! Fewer steps means faster installation—40 percent faster than traditional house wraps.

Here are some of the key features of ZIP System® sheathing and tape:

The high-quality structural sheathing panel is constructed with engineered wood and provides outstanding durability to the system.
Each system features a built-in vapor permeable, water resistant barrier that removes many of the common hassles and pains associated with house wrapping. It is specifically designed for greater drainage of bulk water, and outstanding permeability to allow vapors to pass through, drying out the panels faster.
The rigid air barrier decreases air leakage, which allows for better energy efficiency.
The ZIP System® tape has been engineered to deliver high-performance acrylic bonds when used alongside the system’s panels to deliver a permanent protective seal.

Additional benefits of ZIP System® roof and wall sheathing

Here are just a few of the ways in which the ZIP System® sheathing system delivers the benefits described above:

Structural durability: The ZIP System® sheathing uses a code-recognized wood structural panel that has various weather protection elements built into it, which allows it to deliver an outstanding level of strength and protection.
Moisture barrier: Because the sheathing is able to achieve outstanding permeability levels, the sheathing and tape work together to protect against unwanted water intrusion while still allowing vapor to seep through so the panels can properly dry out in a relatively short amount of time.
Air protection: ZIP System® sheathing and tape systems work in conjunction with each other to create an airtight barrier that prevents air leakage. This creates a much longer-lasting building envelope that provides significantly better energy efficiency and makes it easier to maintain comfort inside the envelope.
Thermal resistance: The ZIP System® sheathing and tape comes with an additional insulated layer that increases the R-value of the building envelope.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of the ZIP System® is its simplicity. The product is designed to make work at a job site go significantly faster. There are three panel thicknesses to choose from, which allows you to determine the strength and protection you need for your home. All three of these options are engineered for use in both wall or roof applications, meaning you need just one type of panel to complete the entire job. All panels are color-coded, so you can ensure you are using the right panel for the situation.

For more information about the benefits of the ZIP System®, contact us today at HCBR, your trusted custom home builder in the Texas Hill Country. We look forward to helping you!

The Primary Benefits of ZIP Sheathing

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