At HCBR, we value the time honored craftsman who with years of experience combined with good old know how, plies his craft with care and efficiency. Applying his procedure with sequential accuracy to a task worth doing right. He knows it is not the amount of time spent that judges the quality of the work, rather it is the passage of time that reveals the enduring beauty and art of the craftsman.

Old School with a New School Twist


There are many young workers in the trades that call the older, more experienced guys, “Old School”. They think because of their youth and vitality, they can do the job faster and better than the old guy. One day somewhere in the future, if they survive the riggers of the industry, they will come to the realization that “Old School” means, Old School Honesty, Old School quality of workmanship, Old School patience to complete a job done right, Old School respect for the customer that provides the opportunity for work, Old School hard work and attention to detail. It is sad to consider “Old School” may be a dying breed.

That being said, after being in the construction industry for 40+ years we may have earned the right to be called “Old School” but with a “New School” twist. We have learned that flexibility and staying on top of new innovations, products and standards is a continuing process. This is one of the reasons we are able to do a wide variety construction projects designed for specific clients because we are uniquely qualified to provide very custom design and systems requests for those we work for.