Steel Shop

​In Canyon Lake

Up Goes the Steel

Trenching for the Water Line with the Rock Saw

That Looks Like a Good Spot, Let's Put it There

This is how the Bagging Works to Create Channels for the Grade Beams

Anchor Bolts for the Steel Structure.

Got to be Sure they are in the Right Place

Getting Rid of all those Trees is a Lot of Work

Before You Know it, It's all Done

That's the Only Way to Fly. 
​Back in the day it was

Knee Boards and a Trowel

Getting the Forms up and the Road Base for Bagging the Grade Beams

Next the Vapor Barrier, then the Steel Rebar for Reinforcing the Concrete

Now the Fun Begins, Playing in the Mud.

​Do I Pay these Guys to have So Much Fun???

Steel Siding in the Rain.  Not a Lot of Fun There