Wind Driven Rain comes up from the Lake and Blew right through the vinyl Siding on the Balcony Ceiling

We Built a Temporary Wall to Support the Balcony from Below and Removed the Rotted Beam

The Columns were just Sitting on the Balcony Decking which was also Rotted Away

We Removed the Vinyl Ceiling replaced it with Hardie Siding.  Of Course We Sealed & Weatherized first.  No Hurricane Driven Water is getting through now

That Nasty Beam has got to Go

Before We Started.

The problem Began With Hurricane Harvey who Blew Water Inside the House

Getting the Stucco put back Together

Sit Back and Enjoy the Sunset

In Addition We Removed the Patio Sliders and Replaced them with Pella Patio Doors

All put Back Together

Safe, Secure and Water Tight

Robins Nest Balcony Repair

A View from Robins Nest

New Doors in and Stucco Refinished

​Very Nice Doors

Robins Nest Sits way up on a Hill

above Canyon Lake on Highland Terrace.

  When the North Wind Blows it's a

Hurricane up on Top

Getting the New Pressure Treated

Support Beams Installed

Next the Whole Balcony Floor & Beams were Badly Rotted Out

We have Completed a Few of these Very Technical Balcony & Deck Repairs
In the Canyon Lake Area.  Don't Trust Your Balcony or Deck Repair to a Novice.