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26 February 2015  

Patricia James

We hired Calvin for a master bathroom renovation. First of all he was very knowledgeable & honest when we had him out to bid on the project. He noticed things other contractors didn?t & he gave a good explanation of some of the snags we may hit with changing the layout of the bathroom. He provided a very clear estimate & excellent guidance and advice on purchasing fixtures. Throughout the project Calvin was professional, friendly and above all easy to work with! He is always prompt with his communications and provides accurate estimates of how longs things will take him. The quality of his work was fantastic; I am especially amazed at his tile work around my tub. This was my first renovation experience and it went so smoothly that I am eager to hire Calvin for my next project. Description of work: Master bedroom remodel: Demo, removed closet, moved toilet, added pluming for multiple shower heads, moved plumbing for tub, added light fixtures & electrical outlets, installed all fixtures & tile, installed new door, drywall & painted."

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22 April 2015  

Anita Steckel

Calvin came on the appointed day and the ripout of the kitchen was done by mid afternoon The area was cleaned up everyday so we did not have to worry about falling over items if we had to go thru the kitchen. We were also warned that there would be a lot of dust. Barriers were placed at the kitchen door leading to the living room and another was attempted at the entrance but dust came and came. Calvin advised us to cover as much as possible and thank heavens I did or otherwise I would be still cleaning up dust from every nook. The work continued for approximately four (4) weeks. Calvin discuss what he would be doing on a daily basis. He listened to our concerns and request and took action that would accomplish the idea we had for the kitchen. He managed to add things after some of the work had already been completed, i.e. adding an additional switch for the pendant lights over the island, adding additional electrical outlets on the island, etc. When he put in the tile floors he cut the tile for the kickboard that went around the kitchen, matching it to fit the height of the cabinets so it looked seamless and very professional. Throughout the project Calvin was truly a pleasure to work with. He was open to changes and handled the "wrinkles" that come with any project. He was easy to work with and that was one of the things I appreciated the most. He listened and provided me with a kitchen I could enjoy and work in. From our first meeting with Calvin, we found that he was willing to "work out of the box". He knew we had a plan and he wanted to be able to complete our vision. Even thou he had to do some extra work he did not increase our cost. We were working on a very strict budget and we really had to watch every penny and Calvin helped us stay within budget. The only person who went over budget was me when it came to purchasing the appliances for the kitchen. I cannot tell you how impressed I have been by the workmanship Calvin has provided. I would recommend Harbor Renovations to all my family and friends. He has the qualities one wants in someone who is remodeling part of one's home ~ honesty, professionalism, knowledge, experience, punctuality, hard working, and dynamic enough to handle all the wrinkles that come along with such a large project! Description of work: We contacted Calvin to do a complete remodel on our kitchen. The house was build in 1963 and the kitchen had never been remodeled. We had sofitts and wanted those removed to add height to the kitchen. We had the old style plaster walls and Calvin had to adjust for that issue. All the old cabinets were torn out. The lighting fixture was ancient and that was removed and the hole patched. The fan in the eating area was removed and not replaced. The kitchen was dark and 19 recessed lights were added. In addition two mini pendants were added over the island and one placed over the sink area. A window was replaced in the kitchen several years ago and it was not trimmed out properly at that time and it was a mess so this was repaired and is now back to function as a window. The slider was removed and replaced with French doors. A doggy door was placed in the brick wall that was in close proximity to the kennel that was going to be placed under the island. A desk/cabinet area was added in the area by the slider. He placed the electrical outlets for the computer and phone under desk top so that all the hook ups could be reached easily. The area above the desk had cabinets added for my cookbooks and other kitchen stuff. An island was build that could house a dog kennel and provide seating for two. Calvin installed the new dishwasher, range, hood and refrig with a water supply. He vented the range hood thru the roof providing us with good ventilation. He installed new porcelain flooring, subway tile with an accent strip on the area under the cabinet and along the area above the floor cabinets. The subway tile was placed up the back of the range to the ceiling. He elevated the cabinet to a height that was workable for us. He had to make adjustments for the appliances because they were the standard height. He enlarged our kitchen door that goes into the garage and installed a fire door for our protection. The locks in the doors were matched so that there would only be one key for entrance thru the French doors and the garage door. He worked with the granite installers to make sure the adjustment for the stove was accommodated due to increase in the height of the cabinets."