1 October 2015  

Marci McLeod

Calvin was friendly, honest, and punctual. His work is fantastic and he finished on schedule. Our daily lives are so much easier now! Thank you!"


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15 February 2016  

Raymond Johnson

Cal is exceptional in doing what it takes to get the job done right, in a timely manner and at a fair price with an eye for staying within budget. His work is top notch. As a comparison, we had some water damage earlier this year and went through an insurance agency who brought in various other contractors for repairs. Though they were polite and the work was acceptable, it took forever for them to perform the work. There were constant delays or no shows. The house was always a mess and there was always something we would need to clean up that was left behind. This was not the case with Harbor Renovation. Cal was on the job when he said he would be and he always left the area clean at the end of the day or provided measures to keep dust from spreading around the house. My wife is very allergic to mold and dust so that means a lot, especially since we stayed in the house during renovation. They say that the finish product is only as good as the foundation it rest upon. I work as an engineer and deal with many contractors on some very large construction projects that require competitve bids. As a result, some contractors try to get by by meeting minimal requirements and providing marginal results even though what is required is spelled out clearly in the construction documents. It shows a lack of care, pride in thier product and leaves the owner with a decision as to whether the work is acceptable. No such concern resulted with Harbor Renovation. Cal never surprised us with extra costs that seemed spurious or contrived. He was very clear as to what his bid included, was efficient, competent and professional. The workmanship and care taken in preparation of bases to accept finish surfaces and equipment was superb. Plumbing was neatly installed and routed. The same with electrical. Cal was always polite and easy to deal with. Absolutely no pressure tactics. My wife likes the fact that he didn't swear or use bad language and seemed happy to be on the job. Tile work seems to be one of his specialties. In the end, it all turned out beautiful. Best of all my wife is very happy. And when she is happy, I am happy. I understand that Cal has moved his business to Texas. I am sure he will do well there."

12 June 2016  

Mike Hanson

He handled the demo new electrical plumbing drywall cabinets tile and trim. The bath rooms the kitchen turned out beautiful. I'm going to try to get him back in the summer to build an outside kitchen for my wife and I. He does all the work himself no one is in and out you feel like he's got your back when you can't be there. His color matching is awesome. I have use him on three other jobs which i will write a review on soon."

10 August 2015  

Barbara Matthiessen

It went well in every aspect. He was responsive to us from the get go. his work is true craftsmen quality. He also was thorough in replacing substructure where it needed it and updating the plumbing. The shower is gorgeous."

18 September 2015 

Joy Turnblom

I had been dreaming of a kitchen remodel for fifteen years. Calvin, with Harbor Renovation made my dreams come true! Truthfully it was more than I dreamed because he had ideas that I hadn't dreamed of. Calvin guided me through the decision process with colors and styles and I couldn't be happier! Because he does so many remodels, he has seen a lot of obstacles and challenges, and could found a solution to any problem. At least three other people looked at my kitchen to give me a bid and explain their service. Calvin was the only one who did all the work, start to finish, includingpatching my hard wood floor. I'm sure this made the finish work more precise because there were no other workers to blame anything on. Harbor Renovation is a full service company completing every aspect of the job, not just parts and pieces. Calvin came every single day, and worked a full day, sometimes longer in order to finish a particular job. It was clear that he took great satisfaction and pride in his work. I quickly learned that I could trust Calvin and would leave my home for hours without any concerns. The finish project was beautiful and of highest quality! I couldn't be happier!"

13 July 2016  

Joy Turnblom

Calvin tiled the tub surround, installed all new fixtures and hardware. He installed a new window and improved the insulation and electrical in the bathroom. This being my third remodel project with Harbor Renovations, I was prepared when unexpected problems arose due to the age of my home. As before, Calvin was able to remedy the problems quickly and easily with out having to call a plummer or master electrician. Calvin always does quality work, in a timely manor. Even with unexpected problems, I had no unexpected costs. Because of his many years experience, the suggestions and ideas he made, made my project turn out so much better then I imagined. Calvin was at my home every day until the job was done. He does all the work himself. I trusted him completely. I wish I had another remodel job for him to do!"

12 December 2015  

Barbara Matthiessen

It went great! Top quality work, he's a real craftsman. All was done ahead of schedule, clean as a whistle and beautiful. I could not be happier."

19 April 2016  

Mark Plasson

Calvin was always punctual, professional and detail-oriented in his bid and his work. His bid was a little higher than others, but due to the details in his bid, I was confident there would be few changes (added costs) during construction. It was refreshing to work with a contractor that strived to deliver quality in a timely manner. Calvin delivers on his word and his work!"

26 October 2015  

Joy Turnblom

 We wanted to remodel our bathroom because our house is old and I feared the unseen problems we might find. I hired Harbor Renovation to remodel my bathroom primarily due to the reviews I read on Angie's List. After meeting Calvin I was sure he was the one to do our project. Unlike others we considered, I felt confident that he knew what he was doing and had a lot of experience in the field of remodel. We did have some other issues with our house such as the electrical panel and Calvin was able to resolve the issue with minimal expense the same day! Our quote was very clear and easy to understand. It gave us our shopping list for the items we needed to make decisions on. The other bids were hard to figure out what we were getting and even what was not included. My tile supplier made a mistake and we didn't have enough 12x12 tile to do all the shower walls. I was so stressed and didn?t know what to do. Calvin met me at Home Depot and after looking at our options and not finding something that was going to work he suggested finishing the shower with a 6x6 tile from the mosaic accent to the ceiling. We quickly found a complementary color and we were back in business. In the end the fix to the problem turned out much nicer than I had originally planned. I am thrilled with our new bathroom and even more thrilled with the professional manner that Calvin operated every day. I was kept informed every step of the way and problems and issues were handled and resolved quickly and better than I could have imagined. Last year Calvin also did a complete renovation of my kitchen and even after a year I am still so thrilled I can?t get over it. My husband who was afraid of spending so much money loves it so much he spends extra time in the kitchen. PS ? I noticed a review below that was a huge surprise to see. The person he describes is certainly not Calvin at Harbor Renovation. My experience has been nothing but wonderful and we are looking forward to the next bathroom down stairs."

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5 June 2015  

Sandra Owen

Calvin Paulsen did an excellent job of renovating three bathrooms and updating a basement family room and a hallway by installing tile flooring. In addition, he removed an old brick fireplace of that jutted out into the basement family room and the living/dining area on the first floor. All the demolition included removal of all material and installation of new materials where needed. Much of the work was done working long distance from owner and Calvin sent almost daily text messages or e-mails with photos to keep owner aware of progress. Issues were communicated and discussed as needed and solutions arrived at between owner and Calvin. Calvin does almost all the work on his own and only uses additional help as needed for demoliton or moving materials. This allowed him to be in control of the work from start to finish. At the completion of all the work, a few minor details required Calvin to return-which he did to immediately take care of the issues. The owner felt Calvin was professional, trustworthy, and did excellent work, and work hire him again. Description of work: Remodeled three bathrooms, tiled showers and tub surrounds, installed tile flooring in bathrooms and a basement. Removed an old brick fireplace surround from a basement floor and the living room, and installed a gas burning fireplace in livingroom. The entire renovation took approximately six months."