30 August 2016 

Rox Benavides

When I first called his first opening was about maybe 4 months away. The time went fast. He has you order all the supplies so that he cannot be blamed if you decide that you don't like something and if something happens. Such was the case for us. We ordered a vanity from home depot and the granite top arrived broken twice so it had to be reordered and shipped each time. So what was suppose to be a two week or so project turned into 2 months through no fault of his. His part in the whole home depot fiasco was understanding, disbelief, and the ability to go with the flow. He also said that because of that, we were very easy to work with. His work was exception and beautiful. I have had very few business people who respond to my texts or phone calls almost immediately. He had very good communication skills."

17 October 2016  

Phyllis Tedford

Calvin. Is. Awesome!! That?s the only way I can describe our experience with his doing our kitchen remodel. We did 99% of the demolition on our own. Calvin came in, at 8:00 am on the promised day, and started working his magic. Less than 4 weeks later, we now have a gourmet kitchen that is stunning. He went to bat for us when we had a problem with the company doing the countertops (big mistake on my part to use that company). He made suggestions when he thought an idea of mine wouldn't quite work out. Yet, if I had my heart set on something, he would gladly oblige. We ran into a few unforeseen problems, but Calvin never got rattled and always found a reasonable solution. Calvin is honest, hard-working, FAST, and thorough. He pays attention to every last little detail and makes absolutely sure the job is done correctly. He replies to emails almost immediately. If you call and get his voice mail, he returns the call usually within the hour. He even made friends with our younger cat who fell in love with Calvin. We may have to set up a visitation schedule since the cat looks for Calvin if he's not here by about 8:30 in the morning. I would hire Calvin again in a heart-beat! And, I've been singing his praises to all my friends and neighbors! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Calvin, for making the kitchen of my dreams a reality! Description of work: Complete kitchen remodel, starting with bare walls."

10 August 2016  

John Buckley

His price is reasonable, but the way it works is that he needs the home owner to purchase ALL of the visible parts on the premises prior to his arrival, the tile, the faucets, the counter top, the grout, the paint etc. This is because he works fast. The majority of the master bathroom was done in 2 weeks. (Only the stain on the cabinets did not dry in a timely fashion.) His estimate covers not only his labor, but also the things one does not see, the plumbing pipes, the glues, etc. He does negotiate with the home owner in terms of determining where the messy work with tile and wood are best to take place. He does clean up the work area, but I did have to go over the mirrors and glass to remove some of the fine grout, that is to polish the surfaces. He is good about returning telephone calls or texts because he truly wants to know any dislikes or concerns early on so that corrections can be made. He arrives on time unless he is going to the home improvement store first. He will let the owner know this if needed. He is ethical in his workmanship. When the old shower and tub were pulled out, there was wood rot, old termite damage, and mildew that had to be removed in some of the supporting structure. He coordinated with the representative from our termite company who had to apply a treatment into the ground where the new shower drain pipes would eventually go. We were grateful that the repairs for the rot set us back only an additional $500.00. He took the time and treated the old and new wood in place with treatment to prevent future mildew and added hardiplank and sealant so that water from the shower would never enter the wall again. He could have nickeled and dimed us for every additional component of the job that was specified in the original contract. Instead he believes it is just part of the quality of his work. I learned that he can forget some of the little things. If you want to keep ANY fixtures, outlet covers, window blinds, instructions that come with the new fixtures, or the packaging then it is best to write down and give him a list of the things that you do not want him to discard. Otherwise, it is gone. Finally, when I had questions on which type of paint or tile to use in a particular location, he had good answers based on experience. I gave him "artistic license" to create designs which was a good move. He then could turn a plain design to a very nice design. When the stain had not dried on our bathroom cabinets within 2-3 days he bought over a new dehumidifier that day in order to speed up the drying. It ultimately took an additional week for the stain to dry. Needless to say, he did not use that same stain on the kitchen project. He has also remodeled our kitchen and will remodel our guest bathroom soon. Description of work: During the month of October, 2014, Calvin renovated our master bathroom. (This was the first of 3 projects.) The outcome was beautiful."

28 November 2016  

William Kid

Calvin is doing outstanding work. He is always is on time. He brings the necessary supplies and tool each day. He is a hard worker and does not waste time. He always uses new material and never reuses material that he replaces. He always works from a print and always asks for permission to deviate. He is worth every cent that he charges to do the job. The primary reason for this remodel was to combine an ad-on kitchen to an existing dining room. This necessitated removing a permanent external wall between the two rooms.This resulted if a seamless ceiling between the two rooms.Thus providing an open concept. The next step is finishing the walls and installing new flooring and complete cabinetry with associated electric connections and plumbing. Harbor Renovation has now finished my daughter's major kitchen remodel. it is absolutely stunning down to each little detail. Calvin really knows the remodel process inside and out. He was never stumped when it came to making everything work out and dealing with various issues in this old house. There were a couple of issues that we said we could live with but Calvin said he couldn't, so he somehow came up with solutions that were much more acceptable and resolved the issues very nicely.--Would we recommend Calvin?---Without a doubt, and without any reservation. On a personal note. I was there every day observing the remodel. We lunched together and it became a tradition that I provided cokes, On my birthday Calvin brought a cake complete with candles. He was so much fun and easy to work with."

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Customer Reviews

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27 January 2017  

Gloria Campbell

We thoroughly enjoyed Calvin & his cousin Carl, who worked as a team on our project. We had a Jack & Jill bathroom that he converted into a Master bath.he removed the tub and replaced it with a built in tile shower & tiled the floor as well. He took out all fixtures, but we kept the cabinets & he painted them & replaced the hardware. He opened up the small closet that was there into the hall closet to make a roomier walk-in style, tiled it & added shelves & new hanging rods. He added crown molding to the master & painted it. He completed the painting & tile job in the hallway that was to be completed by the last (nightmare) contractor we had & did not ask back.. We purchased all items before we started as was a requirement of Calvin. That worked out well. Although, I made a mistake in putting all the items in the closet, thinking I would be helping him, so he wouldn't have to go to the garage to get them. I assumed he would do one project at a time....my bad. He started the closet at the same time as the others, so he had to move all the tile & fixtures, etc. anyway. The only work done by a sub contractor was the granite cabinet top. We only had one problem when Calvin used the shower tile to tile the floor in the bathroom as well. However, it turned out better than the original would have been. He says we can blame Carl for the mistake, but he'll take credit for the win with the better looking floor. I was apprehensive at first, worried that it would be another horror story like the last contractor, but Calvin was not like that at all. He told us 6 weeks & completed all parts in 4 weeks. He was great to work with & was always on time everyday. Answered all phone calls & text messages promptly. He had one other thing going for him, that others may not get to take advantage of like we did. That was Carl, a true bonus to the job. Carl left us just before the job ended to go back to Arkansas for awhile. We missed him & I know that Calvin did as well. He had gotten used to the little things Carl did. Overall as remodeling goes ......this was a great experience for us. He'll come back for the other bathroom when we are ready for it. Good job, Calvin!! Description of work: Remodeled a Master Bathroom, enlarged the closet for the Master Bedroom, added Crown Molding & painted the Master."

1 August 2016 

Michael Yarbrough

What can I say? Working with Calvin was great. I had wanted work done for quite some time but dreaded the thought of renovating. Calvin took all the worry and stress out of the process. Not only is the work he did stunning he was a real pleasure to work with. He understood my wants and needs in regards to price and schedule and was more than willing to make it work. I have a special needs child and he made sure that what he was doing would not interfere with her daily routines. He was on time each day and finished at nearly the same time each day, each time at a stopping point that wasn't overwhelming. At no point did I feel my house was completely turned upside down. He works quickly and efficiently. He was able to remove the old flooring from my entry way, my downstairs powder room and conjoined entry way as well as the upstairs hall bath. Once removed he put tile in each location. He had a great idea to use tile for the base board trim- the same as on the floor - and I love it! In the hall bath ( aka the kids bath) he suggested tiling up the wall near the tub about half way to help with the water damage little ones can cause. We've had problems with overflowing tubs in the past but now I won't have to worry any more! He also added wainscoting in with a chair rail and bead board in sever locations and it's beautiful. I had worried about the floor transitions from room to room but the thresholds he suggested look great. All in all this guy knows his stuff. I am so happy we did this and even happier we chose Harbor Renovation. I will definitely be calling him again when it's time for the next project. Description of work: Tiled entry way, remodeled powder room and upstairs hall bath, wainscoting."

20 November 2016  

Neal Kruger

Calvin came in with an estimate that I thought was fair and started right when he said he could. He took down two walls and opened up the kitchen just the way we imagined. We ordered the cabinets we wanted and he installed them beautifully. He was a big help when we got stumped on color coordination. He installed the can lights in the kitchen, dining and family room that really brightened up the spaces. We are going to hire him again to reno our bathrooms. This guy can do it all. I highly recommend Calvin and look forward to working with him again. GREAT JOB CALVIN!!! THANK YOU!!! Description of work: Calvin was awesome to work with. We have been wanting an open concept kitchen and he delivered."

15 December 2016  

Neal Krueger

He came in on Monday and did the demo work and within two weeks it was completed. He basically gutted the bathroom and installed new tub, new cabinet and vanity. Tiled above the tub for the shower. It looks great.

6 January 2017  

Rox Benavides

Calvin did a major bathroom job for me. Because of that, he agreed to do this little job (my words not his). The previous contractor had done the bath tub so that hot water came out cold and cold water came out hot. My granddaughter on a visit did not know it was broken and took cold showers. I did not want someone in the future to do this or on the other hand to get burned. Calvin came out and it took some major diagnosis to figure out what the cause was. But he cut through the wall, put in a new valve, fixed the sheet rock and textured and painted the repair. Then in true Harbor renovation custom, he called back after the repair and asked how it was. I said that I guessed that it was alright as the location was in a room that I don't use (guest bath) . He insisted that I go right then and check the paint. I did and told him that one small spot on the bottom was not smooth. He came back out and fixed it. He will always follow up with his jobs and I have never ever had anyone do that. Thank god I don't have anymore najor repairs to do but if I did, he would be the only one that I would call. He has a good sense of humor too."

12 January 2017  

Rosanne Miles

Calvin was very easy to work with. He worked on our living area, installing sheetrock over existing paneling, and added recessed lighting on the ceiling while we waited for the kitchen cabinets to come in. He also removed the cracked tile floor. When the cabinets came in he put them together, installed them, and a very good granite subcontractor installed the countertops. He then installed the tile backsplash, put in the sink and appliances and added more lighting to the kitchen. I have had many compliments from friends on his work, and I am very happy with the way everything turned out. He even returned 3 months later to finish up on a couple of parts of a cabinet that came in late. He did excellent work, and I would definitely call him again and recommend him to friends!"