5 June 2017  

Mike Hansen     

    The whole process was very smooth

The whole process was very smooth. We had confidence from the very beginning and didn't worry really about anything. We met when it was necessary to go over details and Calvin kept us informed with budgets and schedule. We selected our own fixtures and such with the budget we were given and that was our shopping list. The budgets worked very well and of course we spent more than we planed but it was our choice to upgrade from our original choices. All the subcontractors were thoroughly scrutinized and signed a contract for the work they did. Everything the subcontractors did was inspected and approved before moving forward and payment made. I know may problems were resolved before they became problems because of the inspections Calvin made. We knew what we were getting from the very beginning because it was all spelled out clearly and easy to understand. We made some changes and added things which was taken care of easily because we met often. In the end we got what what we wanted and more. The quality was higher than our expectations. There was no detail ignored. Now I have to say that the price tag at the beginning was more than we originally wanted but we felt Calvin was the right person to do the job. Now looking back the price tag was really a bargain. We have followed Calvin's renovation work and it is amazing how he can take a real mess and turn it into a thing of beauty. Would we recommend Calvin at HCBR without any reservation whatsoever.

17 April 2017  

Sarah Yarbrough     

   We would definitely recommend Calvin and Hill Country B&R to any and all,y'all

We would definitely recommend Calvin and Hill Country B&R to any and all!!!  Things went very well as we met often to go over the progress and planning for the next stage. The subcontractors were managed very closely and a lot of inspections were made before moving forward. A few issues were handled to our satisfaction but they were pretty minor. We moved in on time and the only overruns were our doing. At the beginning we did expect more problems and overruns because you always hear the stories from friends but that wasn't the case for us. We would definitely recommend Calvin and his guys.  Description of Work: After a long search we found Calvin at Woodscape Homes a few years back and felt he was the one to build our dream home. So we had a 3400 sf home built and we couldn't have been happier. We had our goals and wants and with the budget we had were able to get most everything. Calvin was very through in the budgeting stage and we knew what we could afford and what was just too much. Overall we were just thrill"


Customer Reviews

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19 May 2017  

  Juan Sanchez     

      Calvin really has a eye for quality

Calvin really has a eye for quality and we are very pleased with the job he did."In the beginning a lot of effort was spent on planning and budgeting. After we started we had regular meetings on the site to go over the progress which was pretty consistent. Calvin really has a eye for quality and we are very pleased with the job he did. Calvin is really easy to work with and when we had changes it was not a big deal and seemed to be reasonably priced. We really recommend Calvin and Woodscape Homes because we know the same type of quality and management can be had in Texas as well as Washington. Description of Work: We had our home in Washington State built by Calvin Paulsen 2 years ago. From start to finish it was a very good experience because we really didn't have any problems to deal with. We have heard of horror stories from other builders but we just didn't have any."

26 February 2017  

Rick Rield

Work went very well even after running into a problem with the ceiling holding a surprise main brace. Which had to be moved. This created further problems, one with the kitchen ceiling and another with fitting of the kitchen cabinets that were already made. Calvin did a remarkable job in figuring out how to make it work without adding more time or cutting the cabinets. He always made sure we were informed on a progress; and when there were problems, he would contact us and have a solution. He was always very professional and knowledgeable about the construction process. Though we always had the last word on all parts of the job, Calvin usually discussed with us what would work best. He is very easy to communicate to. He maintained a clean work area throughout the renovation and at the end of each day all tools were neatly stored out of our way. After work was done and we started to put things back in place, we noticed that some cabinets needed additional adjustment. Calvin came back without any hesitation and made the final adjustments at no additional charge. We are completely satisfied with the work he did, would hire him again, and will recommend him to our friends. Description of work: Remove popcorn ceilings in three rooms (living room, dining room, and kitchen); demolish the entire kitchen, pantry, and entryway mirror. Install new kitchen cabinets and make existing pantry more spacious with doors to match the new cabinets. Also in the kitchen, install granite counter-top, sink, facet, stove, recessed lighting and stove hood. Keep existing dishwasher. Put in wall receptacles to match new light switches. Replace exposed concrete with new ceramic tile. Put subway tile above the counter-top, stove hood and stove. Replace doors to laundry, patio, and garage. Replace doors to main house entrance and the hallway closet. Make a small pantry w/door near the door to patio. Paint kitchen, living room, and the entry way. Light texture and paint ceiling in the kitchen, living room, dining room, and entryway."

23 May 2017  

Jessica Norlander     

     Calvin Paulsen delivers floor to ceiling excellence

I highly recommend Calvin Paulsen of Hill Country. Calvin’s work is high quality, thorough and beautiful! Calvin’s years of home building and renovating experience makes him a well-seasoned candidate who knows the trade inside and out. He is very hard working and doesn’t waste any time delivering the best in all that he does. I have enjoyed following his work and admire all he does from kitchens, bathrooms, to building custom homes. Calvin Paulsen delivers floor to ceiling excellence"

6 April 2017  

Jess Morgan

       Everything went very well.

Everything went very well. The dust was kept under control as much as possible and we really appreciate that. Calvin was so easy to work with, we had a few changes and additions but he would just say, no worries and they got done. Some of the changes he didn't charge us a thing for. We would recommend Harbor Renovation to anyone looking for quality and professional work. Description of work: We had an old out dated kitchen. Calvin of Harbor Renovation came in and completely tore out the whole kitchen. At first it was a shock to see it all gone. The whole process was very organized and Calvin was there every day until it was done. Not a lot of strangers in and out of our home. It was all finished in 5 weeks and we couldn't be more pleased."

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16 March 2017  

Mike Fryer

Work was done done in a professional manner Description of work: Ceiling drywall repairs after upstairs bathroom leak."

1 February 2017  

Rebecca Potter

Full gut kitchen remodel. Calvin kept in touch. The project went as planned and details were exquisite. Calvin is a professional and a perfectionist. I hope to have him work on a second major project for me. I am extremely pleased with the high end results achieved."

4 February 2017  

Stacey Royo

Went very well. Prompt and dependable service, did excellent work and really went the extra mile because this is my only bathroom and I have an adult son with autism. He really made it possible for this to happen and I have a beautiful bathroom. It is gorgeous and we survived the remodel with dealing with autism issues. Wonderful and a great experience, considering everything he had to deal with and how hard it is for my son to deal with change. High kudos for Calvin. Many thanks. Description of work: Redid my bathroom. Total redo pretty much."

5 June 2017  

Janet Drake     

   If you expect experience based professionalism, I highly recommend Hill Country & Renovation

Once you decide to have your dream home built, making a commitment to your most desired style and floor plan can be a challenge. Then comes the most critical decision of all, selecting your builder. This choice will determine your interim stress level and your future satisfaction. The individual who is responsible for your building project should see that your dream becomes a reality…professionally, on time and as expected. If Calvin Paulsen is in the running and you are trying to make a decision, please let me provide input regarding my custom-home building experience with CP in control of the work. For my husband and I, the fact that we had a hands-on professional in charge was a key ingredient to the success of our project. CP was on site all day, every day. Another contractor who was juggling projects and traveling between properties would not have been able to provide the continuous supervision and motivation the tradesmen and laborers needed to maintain high building standards and maximum productivity. The most valuable personal traits we grew to trust and in CP were his integrity and his positive attitude. Not by focusing his updates on what we wanted to hear. Not by sugar-coating bad news. Not by blaming others for problems. He always leveled with us and provided realistic solutions when there was an obstacle or any kind of blunder. If an honest, hardworking, positive person with honed communication and management skills, I highly recommend Calvin Paulsen. If you expect experience based professionalism, superior craftsmanship and excellence over all, trust the man who proved himself when he built our house. Hill Country wasn't the lowest bid but it turned out to be the best value for services rendered."