3 Reasons to Plan Your Dream Home

and Retirement in Texas Hill Country

Hill Country has made Texas the second most popular retirement destination in America, and for good reason. The New York Times, Forbes, the US Census Bureau, and countless others have remarked on the extraordinary population growth in the Texas Hill Country, remarking on its culture, economy, climate, and quality of life. Here’s why retiring in Texas  Hill Country may be the smartest move you can make:

A Culture Rich in Traditions, With a Distinct Texas Flair

Those unfamiliar with Texas culture may be surprised at the distinct mix of influences. As a true melting pot of German, Spanish, Polish, and Native American cultures, Texans know how to enjoy an eclectic mix.

Musically, Texas has a proud tradition of western swing, its own breed of country, and a world of new, exciting sounds. Texas Hill Country is home to South by Southwest, one of America’s best-known arts, music, and media festivals. San Antonio’s annual Texas Folklife Festival is annual celebrates Texan music, dance, and culture. There is no shortage of pleasing sounds in Texas Hill Country.

For the appreciators of the finer things in life, Texas takes food and drink very seriously. If you’ve never experienced authentic Texas barbecue, a slow-smoked beef brisket may change your life. The Tex-Mex combination of southern and Mexican food is an invigorating mix, which includes fajitas, chili con carne, breakfast tacos, and so much more. If beer piques your interest, Texas Hill Country has no shortage of it. The German influence in Texas history has imbibed the culture with rich brewing traditions. Additionally, Texas Hill Country’s karst environment is a fertile ground for wineries.

A Thriving Economy and Prosperous Housing Market

Texas Hill Country’s economy is about as far from stagnant as one can get. The population of Texas has surged in the last decade, with an influx of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics careers on the rise in the region. A cost of living lower than the national average means citizens have more disposable income, and savings. Not to mention a median household income well above the national average.

The housing market has been prosperous beyond all expectations, as a coterie of like-minded Baby Boomers, along with young professionals, are settling in the area. Comal County’s Canyon Lake has proven itself as the jewel of Texas Hill Country, as an off-the-beaten path, beautiful, and rapidly growing destination.

The Perfect Place to Build Your Dream Home

Nothing improves the quality of your retirement like finally moving into your dream house. Relocation and retirement in Canyon Lake, Texas is a remarkable decision, but compromising on the house you live in could put your retirement in a state of cold comfort. If you’re ready to step up your life in a meaningful way, look into hiring a custom home builder in Canyon Lake.

Comal County is a thriving and wholesome community, and there has never been a better time to buy property in Canyon Lake, Texas. Don’t miss  out on the amazing retirement opportunities in Texas Hill Country, and contact Woodscape Homes. Our legacy of creativity and craftsmanship makes HCBR a natural choice for stepping up your life in your golden years. Your custom-built home awaits!