Your home is probably the most important investment you can make. A home is more than an investment, a major asset, and a stable of your future. Buying a home is a sentimental decision, and a lot of home buyers are duped into a financial nightmare. At Hill Country Building & Renovation, we can keep you from becoming a statistic.

How Much Does it Really Cost to Build a House?

A Google search for the cost of building a house can lead you on a wild goose-chase, or a sinister fun-house of smoke-and-mirrors. Don’t be bamboozled by hucksters!  In the narratives pushed by predatory home-builders and tacky developers, building a custom home is flushing money down the toilet. These articles are written to plant fear, uncertainty, and doubt into the minds of potential home-buyers, to divert them away from their dream homes and towards the nightmare of cookie-cutter housing.

Just Say No to Cookie-Cutter Housing:

Cookie-cutter housing (also known as tract housing) is a housing-by-numbers, mass-produced approach, in which your house is nearly identical to dozens, if not hundreds in your neighborhood. This practice has been lampooned by folk musicians, mocked by city planners, and is the earmark of suburban unoriginality. Some folks can settle for bland uniformity in housing, while others have the boldness to design something truly original. Which group would you fit into?

This may come as no surprise, by cookie-cutter housing has gone out of vogue in the last few decades. What started as a thrifty choice for soldiers returning from World War II quickly became a vehicle for dishonest developers, rushed subcontractors, and sleazy real estate agents to make a quick buck. Quality control is notoriously bad when it comes to cookie-cutter housing. Usually, the work is completely reliant of low-cost subcontractors, under the meager supervision of overwhelmed project managers. As you can imagine, these chintzy homes start falling apart as soon as you get the keys to the front door.

Perhaps the biggest drawback of tract/cookie cutter housing is the resell value. When it’s time to sell that mass-produced, dated house, you’ll have tons of competition. There’s only so much you can do to drive up the property value on a house that’s essentially a dressed-up apartment.

Originality on Your Terms

With Hill Country Building & Renovation, your custom built home budget is ultimately up to you. Why pay top dollar for a house of cards that looks like everyone else’s, when you can find a realistic budget for a home that is a daily source of inspiration? We put the ball in your court, and work with you to create the home of your dreams as affordably as you need it.

Most contractors don’t guarantee their quotes, and will bid low to get you to sign on the dotted line. To the horror of their victims, the costs creep up over time, and soon, the homebuyer is stuck footing a bill they never agreed to. Hill Country Building & Renovation guarantees our quotes, so you don’t end up paying more than expected on your Comal County custom home. We go over all the details with you, line-by-line, down-to-the-penny, so you have an honest, completely transparent assessment of your costs, up front.

How to Set Realistic Budget Expectations for Your Dream Home