We didn't want to get into the stone column but ...  No worries, we have a really great mason, He'll make it all better.

Jacking up the beams to get all lined back up and level.  

This is an Active Project, so be sure to check in again

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This is how bad the rot can be.  Notice the center where it's the worst; the post was sinking into the beams.

There's a lot of balcony on this house and unfortunately it wasn't built properly with the Canyon Lake condition.  When the weather comes in from the north, it is hurricane force winds that will exploit  any weakness in the waterproofing, if it was waterproofed at all. 

Canyon Lake 

Balcony Repair Project

This is the side that faces the lake which has the most damage.  We build temporary walls to support everything while we replace the post & beams.