Just about ready to start hanging drywall

This is the back side of the house.  We will be removing the deck and the roof structure below, after which we will be building the addition on top of the first floor.

Pretty easy right?

Working in the Texas heat in August.

A little air conditioning really helps.

Framing a new set of stairs on the interior of the house and then saying goodby to the rickety old stairs on the side of the house.

This is a Whole House Renovation with a

second story addition and a front porch addition.

​We are starting this project in the next few days

Front porch ready to pour.

Cut the slab for a sewer line.

Exterior progress review before siding goes on

Getting the first floor demoed out.    

Getting the front ready for the new porch.
​It's going to be nice!

This is the front of the house where we will be adding on an entry and porch.

The Mud Buggy is a real benefit when getting concrete where the truck don't go.

Getting the Master Bedroom framed.

Getting the master bedroom addition framed in.

Those rickety old stairs are coming down.

This is Really an Awesome Transition

Hey Miguel, smash the debris down
​so we can get more in!

First floor demo mode     

At the same time we are working downstairs getting ready to pour the front porch slab.
We have the crews to do multiple tasks at

the same time on a big project.

Now that's beginning to looking like a front porch

Starting to get this project off the ground.     

We will be removing and replacing the roof with a standing seam metal roof as well as removing the vinyl siding and cornice and also replacing with metal PBR siding.

Canyon Lake House

Addition & Renovation

Taking down the first floor ceiling.  

The guys really work hard
​but we like to have a little fun too.

Loading the Mud Buggy

What's Your next Awesome Project?
Yeah, We can Help with That!
​- - - - - - - - - - -

We are just getting started on this project so be sure to check back to see the progress

Looking back through the master bedroom