All dried in and ready for
​stucco, brick & roofing.  

Working the sand has a style all it's own

Bulverde Texas
​Detached Garage

All finished up now, and it turned out very nice in deed

These brick Masons really know what they are doing.  They should, They have been at it for about 40 years.

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That's what we like, nice straight lines.

People say that wet sloppy mud that comes out of a concrete truck gets hard, and if you treat it right it's smooth and level.  Looks like their right! 

It sure didn't take the guys long to frame up this small garage.

The garage door in front is for the truck, and the side garage door is for the lawn mower. 
​Two of man's best friends, right?

Just the stucco scratch coat alone gives it a finished look.

Just getting started with forms, steel and vapor barrier.