In the early years of my construction career, I was the foreman for a Custom Home Builder. As part of his “in house” crew, we built really nice and big custom homes from the ground up. We built the most amazing and difficult steel reinforced foundations along with all the concrete flat work, in the hills of Santa Rosa California. We did all the framing, siding, rock masonry and exterior finish including decks and patios. We did all the roofing, plumbing and electrical, but we let the insulators and sheet rock guys do their thing, then we did the interior finish carpentry, installed the cabinetry, tile, counter tops etc… In short we did 90% of the construction under the company umbrella. We had some very talented older guys that 


And now for the past past few years we have come to love the adventures we have had here in Texas with the warmer waters of the Gulf Coast and the placid Texas Hill Country rivers. Wherever we go, we always seem to find an adventure with a story to tell.

Hi There, I'm Calvin
​Owner & Operator

My first custom home

took the time to teach me what they had learned in the trades. I received a real education during those early years learning the craftsman’s art at the hands of my work mates. In 1989 at the age of 32 I bought some property in the hills above Redwood Valley near Ukiah Ca. and ventured out to start building homes. Recently my son found this realty video of that house I built on my own and by myself all those years ago. Since that time I have been in the construction industry building homes, remodeling, subcontracting in many different ways. If I can build such a house as this by myself way back in the day, imagine what I can do now.

Family Owned ~ Local Company

helping dad at an early age

Loving the Texas outdoors

1989 - Way Back in the Day

I have involved my children to some extent in the family business even at an early age. My son Jared in the red sweatshirt, at the age of 7 ran the controls of a concrete pump. Thumbs up, more mud. Thumbs down, back er off. This was my first custom home built in the hills of Northern California in 1989. We were a man short that day and he stepped in to lend a hand. He did a great job and what a great memory to have. It is very gratifying to me to see my grandchildren along side their parents helping out and learning some of the same skills their parents learned back in the day. There is even some talk about emerging teenage grandchildren coming to Texas and working with grandpa. Passing on the passion I have for building and creating memories is something I look forward to doing.

From our family to yours

Together with my wife of 32 years and our four children, we have explored the wonders and beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Rafting the wild rivers in Idaho, camping, hiking and exploring the Northern California and Oregon coast line and then into the Cascade Mountains north to Canada. As a family we love to be together and tell the old and new stories of our lives.

I take pride in providing for my family each and every day by doing what I love: renovating a kitchen or building a custom home with honest hard work, integrity and skill. I am truly blessed to wake up every day knowing I’m not only building a house but making a significant difference in the lives of my clients by providing them with a custom, comfortable HOME for their family.